Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center (BHNC) works to preserve and enhance the ethnic, cultural, and economic diversity of Bernal Heights and surrounding neighborhoods. We promote action to build a just and equitable community for all. BHNC focuses on the needs of people with low and moderate incomes. We accomplish our mission by: developing affordable housing throughout San Francisco; providing linguistically and culturally responsive services to our community's most vulnerable adults, seniors, youth, and their families; developing leaders; and organizing and empowering our tenants, clients, members, and allies to advocate for their needs and for the needs of the community. BHNC’s Housing Program works through Bernal Heights Housing Corporation to serves this mission by working throughout the city to provide and preserve stable and affordable homes for adults with low incomes and their children, many of whom are homeless and with special needs due to mental health issues, HIV/AIDS diagnosis, and substance abuse problems.

 We are a community based and member led organization with more than 25 years of experience developing and operating affordable housing. To date, Bernal Heights Housing Corporation and its nonprofit affiliate corporations have developed seventeen rental and one limited equity homeownership developments with a total of 441 residential units. These developments are now stable and affordable homes for more than 600 low-income adults and children.

 Our current housing development activities are focused on finalizing construction of 275 units at 2 public housing sites that were acquired, recapitalized, and completing renovation under the HUD RAD program to preserve and improve housing for extremely low-income families; as well as ongoing work to ensure the physical and financial stability of our portfolio.