Meeting Neighborhood Needs  

Youth programs in Bernal Heights and the Excelsior bring together public and community programs to build educational and employment opportunities. Almost 400 youth, including foster youth,
access these programs and build
​their leadership in the community.

Two community centers: 
515 Cortland Avenue in Bernal Heights and 4468 Mission Street in the Excelsior

Permanent affordability for tenants and Transformative housing programs:  BHNC has developed over 500 units of affordable rental housing.  With BRIDGE Housing, BHNC is revitalizing two housing sites:  Holly Courts (completed November 2017) and Alemany Housing (to be completed first quarter 2019).  These projects benefit the residents and their neighbors by creating pleasant and safe affordable rental housing in our neighborhood.

Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center (BHNC) works to preserve and enhance the ethnic, cultural, and economic diversity of Bernal Heights and surrounding neighborhoods. We promote action to build a just and equitable community for all. BHNC focuses on the needs of people with low and moderate incomes. We accomplish our mission by: developing affordable housing throughout San Francisco; providing linguistically and culturally responsive services to our community's most vulnerable adults, seniors, youth, and their families; developing leaders; and organizing and empowering our tenants, clients, members, and allies to advocate for their needs and for the needs of the community. BHNC’s Housing Program works through Bernal Heights Housing Corporation to serves this mission by working throughout the city to provide and preserve stable and affordable homes for adults with low incomes and their children, many of whom are homeless and with special needs due to mental health issues, HIV/AIDS diagnosis, and substance abuse problems.

Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center is a membership organization:

  • Non-profit 501(c)3 corporation with board of directors elected by membership
  • Annual Community Congress helps to set priorities for coming year
  • Community Engagement Committee of neighbors meets monthly
  • Directly serves more than 2,000 people annually, including over 300 public housing residents.
  •  More than 100 volunteers support our work each year.  

Community engagement:  Annual Community Congress; Bernal Hillwide Garage Sale with Bernal Business Alliance; Fiesta on the Hill; support for tenant councils at Alemany and Holly Courts housing sites; public safety meetings and projects with block clubs, including Tompkins Stairs lighting; encourage collaborative ventures among Bernal groups. 

 Community Congress  May 19, 2018       See our Facebook page for great photos!

    Workshop notes:    Community Affordable Housing Needs 

​                                   Public Safety 

                                   Responsible Urban Infill Development 

​                                   Youth and Police Relationships 


Senior programs respond to neighbors who lack access to healthy food and wellness programs.  More than 1,000 multi-lingual people are served.

Resident Outreach Leader (ROL) program:  We work closely with aspiring leaders at our low-income housing sites and beyond in this 12-week curriculum, which entails intensive training in outreach, community engagement, event organizing and production, and other direct  support activities—and involves collaboration with internal and external partners.